Miss August 2012 – Jess Park

Jess Park – Production Assistant

Jess’ love for television and movies began when she was a little girl in Korea. She lived across the street from a rental store and would get a new video to watch almost everyday. She didn’t have much access to television shows from the U.S, but she was always eager to watch them. When she came to the states, her eyes were glued to the T.V. and she even loved watching the commercials. After college, Jess sought out opportunities in entertainment and landed an internship at a burgeoning network. She helped out in every department which prepped her and helped opened up job opportunities as a production assistant on reality shows, at commercial company, and on a feature film. By building healthy relationships with all of her co-workers, Jess has been able to continue working in the field that she loves. Jess hopes one day, she will be a producer for T.V. or film.

The charity Jess has chosen is Feed The Children.

To find out more information or to donate directly visit www.feedthechildren.org